3D World

3dworld001Mag 3D World is a monthly (paper) magazine for 3D students, professionals and studio buffs, focusing on news, promotion, tools, reviews, a CD with demo’s and freebie stuff, and gallery images.

This page leads the way to a huge pile of summaries of the issues of 3D World. Those summaries help me personally to find the issue I’m looking for, links to artists, you name it. I need to save my notes somewhere, and now I can use the web’s Search function. But why keep them for myself?

Please note that the monthly magz contain a load of short articles each time. It’s not my intention to be complete in any way, as I also will skip most info that’s outside my own scope. And I am not really into Maya, 3DSMax, Video compositing, Photoshop plug-ins and the newest studio oriented hard- and software. I’m not big in printing either.

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