Material Room

PoserMats1Poser offers a lot of tools and options to shape, stage and animate the objects in my scene. But to turn them into an interesting and colorful image or movie, Materials are what I need. As a consequence there are lots of questions about them. Those questions – and answers – are organized in sections:

Poser Materials Concepts & Elements

This section discusses the buzzwords and the way things work (together) as far as the Poser Material Room is concerned. It also discusses the interactions with Poser Lighting and with the Poser Firefly renderer.

Real Life Materials & Poser Photorealism (under development)

Good lighting as well as a dedicated materials setup are essential in establishing “photo real” results (with the Poser Firefly renderer) at any level of quality. In most cases a proper understanding of the way things work in real life, in nature, does help a lot – to say the least. This section discusses those materials setups, and their real life backgrounds.

Poser Material Tips, Tricks, Techniques, Tools & Context (under development)

This section discusses tools and tricks in using the Poser Material Room, in creating and handling materials. This section also offers summaries of and references to the relevant threads in the various forums.

Interfacing External Renderers (coming soon)

These sections discuss the transfer from Poser scenes to other rendering systems, like Octane, Reality / LuxRender and Vue. Generally, 3D meshes are well transferred, lights are hardly transferred at all and have to be rebuild in the ‘other system’, while material definitions are translated partially, and might be dealt with in a similar, or in a completely different way. So, understanding how materials behave in the interaction with those external renderers is closely related to the Poser material definition setup.