CG Arena

cgarena200602The free bimonthly eZine from CG Arena kicked off at Feb 2006, and picks the nicest fruits from the accompanying website. Interview, gallery and some making off’s.

This page leads the way to a huge pile of summaries of the issues of CG Arena. Those summaries help me personally to find the issue I’m looking for, links to artists, you name it. I need to save my notes somewhere, and now I can use the web’s Search function. But why keep them for myself?

Please note that the bi-monthly magz contain a load of short articles each time. It’s not my intention to be complete in any way, as I also will skip most info that’s outside my own scope. And I am not really into Maya, 3DSMax, Video compositing, Photoshop plug-ins and the newest studio oriented hard- and software. I’m not big in printing either.

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