SystemAll computer graphics imaging is … software. So it eats hardware, and OS resources, like CPU and RAM capacity and like processing priority and responsiveness. That may give some issues to be resolved. For Windows that is, as I’m not a Mac guy. But various issues might be similar.

At the moment I can offer you:


  • Changes and Additions – to the series. Each serie comes as a chain of online posts as well as a single downloadable PDF, which are kep in sync. Information and insights that came up after publication of a serie is presented here, until the series and accompanying PDF get an update themselves.


Each reference below links to the first post in the series.  From there you can easily select any individual post (footer, right).

  • Breaking the 2Gb Barrier
    When you’re on a 32-bit (Windows) system, and/or you’re using a 32-bit program, you might experience “Out of Memory” issues since such a setup can handle 2Gb user memory only. This series of posts tells you how to raise the bar to 3Gb, which can be a life-saver for rendering crowded scenes in Poser or Vue.
  • Poser – the Program
    This series tells you how to setup and use Poser – from a “this is just a piece of software” perspective. Optimizing for CPU and RAM usage, rendering in Queue or Background, and similar topics that takes the system-tech burden out of your artistic use of the software.