VueIn my opinion, Vue is one of the most powerful pieces of landscape generating software. So I use it, study it, and share my findings with you.

At the moment I can offer you:


  • Changes and Additions – to the series. Each serie comes as a chain of online posts as well as a single downloadable PDF, which are kep in sync. Information and insights that came up after publication of a serie is presented here, until the series and accompanying PDF get an update themselves.
  • Which Vue version?
    Discusses the differences between the various varieties of the software, mainly to guide you in making the choice which suits your needs best.
  • What about Vue?
    Presents the purposes and history of this fine landscape generating software. Just in case you’re curious.


Each reference below links to the first post in the series.  From there you can easily select any individual post (footer, right).

  • Corrections
    Is a series on the use of Gamma Correction, Exposure Correction and similar techniques which can be applied to the rendered image either within Poser and Vue, or separately afterwards using Photoshop or alike. Why to use it, and how.