Poser Software

PoserSoftwarePoser is software, and so it eats resources. CPU, RAM, OS-components, responsiveness, you name it. So there are issues, and when I conquer them I jot down my notes. For Windows that is, I don’t do Macs – for no particular reason by the way. But my findings might be of use anyway.

At the moment I can offer you:


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  • Poser – the Program
    As stated in the intro above, this is about performance and more.
    This series tells you how to setup and use Poser – from a “this is just a piece of software” perspective. Optimizing for CPU and RAM usage, rendering in Queue or Background, and similar topics that takes the system-tech burden out of your artistic use of the software.
  • Breaking the 2Gb Barrier
    When you’re on a 32-bit (Windows) system, and/or you’re using a 32-bit program, you might experience “Out of Memory” issues since such a setup can handle 2Gb user memory only. This series of posts tells you how to raise the bar to 3Gb, which can be a life-saver for rendering crowded scenes in Poser or Vue.