Announcement: Who are You?

You are an ‘experienced beginner’ or intermediate user of Poser or Vue. You have at least some basic understanding of image handling software like Photoshop, GIMP or alike. It’s installed, runs without serious errors, you’ve got some results out in print or on your website or to a web gallery. You may have read some parts of the user manual, done some tutorials and visited some forums.

Now you want to improve yourself, enhance the quality of your results and the efficiency and effectiveness of your way of working. But where to start? The manuals follow the software menu structure instead of your workflow. The forums just answer loose issues, after numerous posts and quarrels, if at all. Tutorials are interesting, but concentrate on isolated subjects.

Then my Missing Manuals series might be of help. You’re welcome.

My articles however do not address the basic versions like Poser Debut, Vue Frontier, Photoshop Elements etcetera as these are missing so many features compared to the regular and pro ones. And I do not cover the real pro topics either, like Vue Infinite / xStream, ZBrush or advanced video editing.

You are a dedicated hobbyist, or at most a freelance artist discovering new tools. A bit like me, that is.

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