(How) can I make a “green screen” shot, to add backgrounds in post?

Although various configurations can be setup via Material Room menus, and can be managed through the Simple interface, this topic is considered Intermediate level.


1) Either I put an object at the relevant place in the scene, and give it a uniform (green) texture,

  • The object material should be Ambient only. It should not support Diffuse, Specular, Transparency, Reflection, Bump/Displacement, etc. (unless I want to have the effects of the scene lighting on my backdrop replacement as well)
  • The object should not cast shadows (unless I want them on my backdrop replacement as well), nor should it act as a light emitter in IDL lighting conditions, nor should it be visible in raytracing (reflections!). Those properties should be switched OFF.

2) Or without any object obstructing the background, I export my image in a format which supports transparency (like PNG),

3) Or without any object obstructing the background, I activate Background Color and assign it an appropriate color.

will do the job.

See the overview on the background nodes in general.

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