(How) can I use a reference picture in the preview only?

Although various configurations can be setup via Material Room menus, and can be managed through the Simple interface, this topic is considered Intermediate level.


First I set a Background Picture, either via the menu File > Import > Background Picture:

or via the Material Room directly, connecting the BG picture node with the background node:

The BG Picture node is completely compatible to the regular image_map node. Then I switch off the use of the picture in the render, via Render Settings:

That is: do NOT use Background Picture nor Current BG shader.

In Material Room the associated BG Color and Black nodes can be dressed up with any node-tree. So I even can connect a different image to them, and have a picture in my render different from the preview. See the overview on background nodes in general.

When I’m still having problems with the Background, I just check:

  • Whether the GROUND object (or any other object) is obstructing the view
  • Whether I’m trying to load an 16-bit-per-color image (don’t)

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