CaseStudy: Hairy Stuff (1 Intro)

As long as your hair is styled properly …

Download this tutorial in PDF format (2.0 Mb).


This Case Study is a beginners guide into Poser Hair Room, and will be about assigning fur or short hair to objects, clothes and animals and about assigning facial and body hair to humans.
To deploy the basic techniques I’ll put fur on a purse and on a jacket, and play a bit with hair coloring.

Then we’ll have a look at a pre-made, commercial product: Snow Bride. After that, I’ll consider more elaborate figures like a toon kitten or puppy and investigate under water scenes by considering a long-haired fish as well. Long hair on animals brings up horse manes and tail, so I’ll give that some attention too. The step to humans is a small one then, as long as I start with facial and body hair.

Long hair on human heads will be dealt with in #Photo Shoot#. Have a good hairday.

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