Poser Materials IV Advanced Surface Definitions

The articles in this section discuss all Material Room nodes required for either procedural textures, and the ones explicitly aimed at node-tree building.

A procedural texture is not derived from an (eventually color filtered) external image or movie still, but is mathematically generated internally from surface or spatial coordinates. The nodes to accomplish such textures can be found in the 2D Textures and 3D Textures groups.

Materials are applied to objects, objects parts and more precise: to specific Material Zones within those objects and parts. This article  discusses the details.

Material Room supports the creation of quite elaborate node-trees, like a programming language into material definitions. This section will not address the art of such programming itself, but will present and discuss the building blocks alone. These can be found in the Variables  and Math groups.

The next subsection presents articles on defining the properties of (V) Non-objects (atmosphere, background, lights) as far as these are handled through the Material Room interface. The Appendix lists all Material Room nodes and relevant Render Settings, and their availability in the various Poser versions.

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