Dynamics II – 1 Quick Tours

This part intends to help you making the steps from a Beginning to an Intermediate user of the Hair and Cloth Rooms. It offers a Quick Tour around Hair Room, a Quick Tour around Cloth Room and a Quick Clues and Recipes chapter on resolving the most common Cloth Room issues, like sims going wild and meshes breaking up. Various Case Studies (see part I) also contribute to this goal.

Download this tutorial in PDF format (1.0 Mb).

As Hair Room is relatively simple – as far as theory is concerned, you just need to build experience by practicing it – everything beyond the Quick Tour chapter about it will be concerning Cloth Room. This is like the real world: digital clothing is a high end worldwide industry, digital hairstyling is not.

2 thoughts on “Dynamics II – 1 Quick Tours”

  1. Wow, these tutorials are amazing. I’ve used Poser since P3, and haven’t seen many tutorials that explain things this well. (although the P6 manual was the best thanks to the work of Anthony Hernandez) This will keep me experimenting for days!

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