Dynamics IV – 1 In Perspective

Download this tutorial in PDF format (0.4 Mb).

As a decent mutual understanding is key in maintaining good relationships, I wrote Poser Features in Perspective to give you some historic background on various Poser functions that receive a lot of debate. Cloth Room, FireFly rendering and the evolution of the Vicky and Mike characters, for instance. Especially Poser users discussing the future might be interested in some history.

For those curious about the peculiarities of cloth simulation in general, I added Cloth Simulation in Perspective. It’s mainly about the behavior of 3D meshes for cloth, so especially Dynamic Garment Makers (virtual tailors) might be interested.

One thought on “Dynamics IV – 1 In Perspective”

  1. Hi artbee, I know it’s been years since you wrote these tutorial series, but just wanted to say THANK YOU for doing so and publishing them on the web! A huge boost for a newb just arriving to the scene. Thanks for your hard work and generosity here!!

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