Dynamics III – 1 Intro

Get your PhD in Clothing

Dynamic Clothes and Hair are really a different piece of cake than just loading a dress or a hairdo from the Poser Lib, and clicking Conform To… .
Oh, and it’s CLOTH Room, not: Clothes Room.

Download this tutorial in PDF format (2.5 Mb).

This is the in-depth section on Cloth Room details, presenting some real understanding of cloth simulation and cloth parameters, related to the real world as well. Understanding clothes means understanding real world, which sometimes implicates using some basic high school physics (mechanics, geometry) too. Sorry for that.

The main complexity of Cloth Room is that Dynamic parameters, mesh characteristics, real world physics and computer simulation peculiarities all interact to mimic cloth behavior to a believable level. The Sim Side kicks off this part of the tutorial by looking at things from a Cloth Room user perspective: which dials, what values, etc. The next Meshes and Sims chapter comes from the other side: what can be expected when meshes of different geometries are used in simulations with various parameter settings, for the cloth as well as for the simulation itself? What are the causes of the artifacts and problems, and what to do about them? In my opinion, high end garment makers as well as artists pursuing high quality results can benefit from raising their awareness to this level.

The last Real World chapter of this part tries to find real world values for the various cloth behavior settings (dynamic parameters), tells how I did it and how you can find some yourself. And all limitations thereof. This is the physics and math heavy one. When you feel uncomfortable with that, just skip it, or scan over it, or pick the tables with results only.

One thought on “Dynamics III – 1 Intro”

  1. These tuts are so helpful! I only have one suggestion to add to it. A tutorial specific to dual-sided clothing would really complete this set of tutorials.
    Thanks you so very much !

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